Chromium / Leather Chemicals

Sodium Chromate
Specification Sheet
Product Sodium Chromate Na2CrO4, 4H2O
Chemical name Sodium Chromate Tetrahydrate
Nature Yellow.

Product Specifications
Sodium Chromate Na2CrO4, 4H2O 98.5 % Maximum
Sulphates ( as Na2SO4) 1.0 % Maximum
Chlorides ( as NACI ) 0.3 % Maximum
pH ( of Aqua Solution ) 8.0 ± 1

Packaging 5O Kgs/25 Kgs Polyethylene Lined HDPE Bag. Or Multiwall Paper KraftBags.
Applications The main application is in Chemical Manufacture - Corrosion Inhibitor; In oil drilling; and Water treatment of boilers, chillers, coolingtowers etc,.
Loading Capacity 20 MT in 20' FCL on Wooden Pallets Shrink Wrapped.
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