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Potassium Dichromate
Specification Sheet
Product Potassium Dichromate
Chemical name Chromic acid , Dipotassium salt
CAS No. 7778 - 50 - 9
Nature Red Orange Crystalline Powder.

Product Specifications
Purity 99%
Sulphates (as S04) % by weight 0.30%
Chlorides (as Cl) % by weight 0.50%
Moisture by weight maximum 0.50%

Packaging 5O Kgs/25 Kgs Polyethylene Lined HDPE Bag. Or Multiwall Paper KraftBags.
Applications The main application is in Oil Refining, Glass and Safety Match factories are bigconsumers for this product. It is also used for manufacturingof pure grade Potassium Bichromate and in Dyes and Pigmentmanufacturing.
Loading Capacity 20 MT in 20' FCL on Wooden Pallets Shrink Wrapped.
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