“SATTS” is a registered business Trade Mark integrating it with the existing business and its offerings by the company “Satts Overseas Limited”

SATTS has been working on multiple fronts with a motive to continuously improve its international Trading processes to become more efficient and sensitive to the customer needs.

Our continuing success has come about through our ability to change and this skill has never been more important than it is today. Not only are new advancements appearing every day, but markets, distribution channels as well as the competition are changing all the time.

In recognition of this change, SATTS embarked on a comprehensive program to provide a much wider product range, from basic low-cost products to high-quality products. We are constantly expanding our international dealings to take advantage of favorable regional economics. We are also broadening our distribution to reach previously unavailable markets, and we are re-engineering our information systems throughout to meet future quality standards.

SATTS is constantly working towards more advanced development regarding its products with the promise of an even brighter future, a future that will provide greater opportunities and more rewards for our suppliers, while providing a better service to our customers to create added value and contribute to the development of Industry.
Satts Overseas Limited
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4C, Wood Street, Suite # 1A
Kolkata - 700016, W.B.
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