Chromium / Leather Chemicals

Basic Chrome Sulphate
Specification Sheet
Product Basic Chrome Sulphate 2Cr(OH)S04+Na2S04
Chemical name Chromium (VI) Sulphate Basic
CAS No. 39 380 - 78 - 4
Manufacturing Process Inorganic reduction process ( SO2 reduction).

Product Specifications
Cr203 Content24% ± 126% ± 126% ± 126% ± 1
Basicity33% ± 2%33% ± 2%42% ± 2%50% ± 2%
pH3.0 ± 0.23.0 ± 0.23.0 ± 0.23.0 ± 0.2

Product Features Better solubility
Uniformity of Basicity
Lower insoluble contents
No dust problem because of it is not fine powder. Hence lessen thehealth Hazard from chromium
Bright finish on the tanned leather which is not seen on the leathertanned with organic reduced products
Physical & Chemical Properties Basic Chrome Sulphate is available in bright green flakes powder with hightanning properties. The. product is dried with most sophisticated steam drumdrier which does not allow material to be overheated.
Packaging 5O Kgs/25 Kgs Polyethylene Lined HDPE Bag. Or Multiwall Paper KraftBags.
Applications The main application is making chrome tanned leather, insolubilizingprotiens and other organic substances.
Loading Capacity 16 MT in 20' FCL on Wooden Pallets Shrink Wrapped.
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