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Solbake Emulsifier
Salient Features of "SOL Bake Emulsifier"

1. For the manufacturers who are using Glyceryl Mono Sterate (GMS) in their products, SOL Bake Emulsifier is an advanced form of product for Biscuits, Bakery, & Confectionery industries. Raw material of SOL Bake is SSL which is an item of import substitute in India. Thus user of GMS in 20 % costlier than our Emulsifier viz. use of our product makes a saving of 20 %.

2. Further saving is done by our product, as 1 kg. solid of it is converted into 5 kgs. cream, whereas 1 kg. of GMS is converted into only 3 kgs. of cream.

3. Cream prepared by mixing hot water to SOL Bake Emulsifier solid, can be preserved and used even after few months of its preparation because the preservative "Lactic Acid" is already there, whereas, this facility is not with GMS Cream and if it not used same day, the same will not remain usable as it will catch fungus and will smell badly. Thus SOL Bake is much stronger preservative and a better taste maintainer than GMS.

4. Even in the environment of humidity, after opening the packets of items (biscuits, breads, etc.) it does not permit any change in taste of the above items whereas it is not so in the case of GMS.

5. SOL Bake Emulsifier Cream, in comparison of GMS Cream saves 10 % Vanaspati Ghee, because it's one of the ingredients is Vegetable Ghee also.

6. SOLBAKE also increases the density of the items, binds the items, save them from breakage and giving them a good finish, resulting into better appearance of the items.

7. There is so many other qualities/merits in our product that its use and experiment even once will attract the user to use it forever.

8. Hence SOL Bake improves the quality & reduces the Cost

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